cwclubbunnyharveyphotoSpring Faculty Speaker

Bunny Harvey, the Elizabeth Christy Kopf Professor of Art, discusses 38 years of teaching and creating art at Wellesley

The Cincinnati Wellesley Club's annual Spring faculty speaker luncheon was held on Saturday, April 18.  An excellent turnout of 26 alumnae and their guests met at noon at the Cincinnati Country Club for lunch and Ms Harvey's presentation.  After lunch, Club President Lori Nuckolls '81, took the podium and made some brief announcements of upcoming events as well as thanked Ginger Kent '76 for hosting the luncheon. After that, she turned the podium over to Gin Hoffman '09, who introduced her former professor, Bunny Harvey, the Elizabeth Christy Kopf Professor of Art.  It was clear based on Gin Hoffman's enthusiastic introduction that Ms. Harvey in not only a gifted artist, but also a gifted teacher, having been awarded in 2004 Wellesley's higheset teaching award, the Pinanski Prize of Excellence.

Ms. Harvey took the group on a retrospective tour of her process for creating art.  She indicated that the most transformative experience for her as an artist was when she was awarded the Rome Prize in painting in 1974.  That prize came with a two year fellowship to study at the American Academy in Rome where she interacted with scholars representing many fields.  Their influence could be seen in many of her paintings as in some she explores scientific themes interspersed with nature.  The club was fortunate to have Ms. Harvey as she is retiring at the end of this semester.  In honor of that, the Davis Museum will be having a show of her work.